(Documentary directed by Margot Notari - August 2020)


Romain is an openly queer photographer of the French scene, born at the end of the 80s in Normandy.

Coming from a film and theatrical training, he has long been fascinated by images, popular culture, stereotypes and the question of gender.

He creates quirky, kitsch, excessively colorful artistic works sprinkled with sex. He unashamedly claims to be a camp artist, a concept designating, among other things, a form of self-mockery that allows gay men to laugh at the difficulties of their condition in a homophobic society, all with artifice and exaggeration.

This is why, voluntarily, he takes again the clichés of the gay culture which he diverts in order to put our world in light, as much in what it has better as of worst (loneliness, superficiality, overconsumption, violence, addiction, sex, politics ...)

His characters are marginalized, excluded or pointed out (gay, women, transgender, drag-queen ...) who, for the duration of a cliché, become heroes / fighters. They are trying to get out, they want to be stars.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

In addition, he works a lot on weariness and the body. The body is everywhere on social networks and in magazines, it becomes, for many an addiction towards the race for perfection and this allows him, in his photographs, to gently sexualize the body of men.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

Sensuality is present in each of his pictures, he likes to fantasize the world, put his finger on what disturbs and above all, he wants to make people dream. A shared voyeurism.

It was important for him to keep magic in his staging, trivialize homosexuality and assert his identity, while bringing strong messages, without falling into pathos or melodramatic with dull colors.


Building his photographs from A to Z, Romain is a jack of all trades. He creates the setting, cast the models, manufactures the set, the dressing of it and finally, he thinks about the lighting. It takes him between two and three weeks to take a new photograph.


Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of Vogue US



February to April 2019: "Stereotyped" exhibition: On the walls of the themed donkey (Rennes)

June 2019: Small art market (Rennes)

November 2019: "Dream" exhibition: On the walls of La part des anges (Rennes)

Kostar magazine: Article in the December 2019 / January 2020 edition

Bridgeman Studio Awards 2019: Photo competition December 2019 , among the 100 finalists out of 3000 entries

Lens exposure Award 2020 : Review below

Our best nights: Photo contest June 2020 / Winner

Paris Match: Publication issue September 2020

Boy Magazine: Interview + portfolio number January to March 2021 HERE

The Advocate: Article on the website of the American magazine in January 2021

Best gay photographer 2021 : Second place in February 2021

Männer: Interview in the German magazine in March 2021

MYP Magazine: Article in the German magazine in March 2021

Schwulissimo : Interview in the German magazine Avril 2021

Belfusto : Article in the Spanish magazine Avril 2021

Winq : Article dans le magazine Néerlandais Mai 2021


Juin 2021 : Exhibition on the walls of L'attrape rêve (Rennes)